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Chris from Blues Sky Computer Solutions Ltd
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Chris Lambert made sure our printer is visible to all machines. I have pressed print this morning and it did! No more games of ‘on/off’ where we pray, swear at and cajole the printer to become visible…. thank you! Great to receive an ethical service (the previous company advised us to spend a fortune on a new printer).. Thanks guys – highly recommended!

Really friendly and professional Service. Thanks for coming out at such short notice!

Huge thank you to the wonderful Chris of Blue Sky Computer Solutions who has saved the life of The Coaching Garden’s pensioner-age laptop. Fast, amazingly efficient and pain-free. Even the dog thought he was great!

I must send out a Massive thank you to Chris Lambert for being my super hero!! He managed to unlock my Mobile phone today!! He really is a lovely chap and a great whiz with all our computer issues in the office, and has surpassed himself today by rescuing my phone and I still have all my contacts and more importantly my photos! Yay!

Chris Lambert has saved my virtual bacon with a remote tweak and two runs of the Malware thingy! He solved weeks of frustration in an hour. All my friends use him for everything technical. From now on I will too! Thanks Chris, you’re a star!

A big thank you to Chris Lambert for unlocking Michelle Nunn phone, our little boy had locked it by accident on holiday and we thought Michelle might lose all her precious family snaps on her phone. Chris has saved the day!!

Big thanks to Chris Lambert at Blue Sky Computer Solutions Ltd for getting the Party Linen HQ back up and running at full speed today….. top banana….top service

You are the best computer man ever. Thank you

Chris Lambert, thanks or fixing my laptop so quickly. Working perfectly now. For anyone thinking of using Chris’s services…. highly recommended

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Apr 19, 2017

Cybersecurity for SMEs in 2017

Cybersecurity matters for SMEs. Even if you suffer a minor security breach it can affect both your business and your customers’ businesses. That’s troublesome from a short-term perspective, whatever, but with regard to damaging trust in your brand and reputation, it can be a lot more problematic than that in the long term.

So what should you do? We’d suggest you stay on top of the latest cybersecurity trends and ensure your IT support partner is doing so too. Here’s what we would recommend you look out for over the next few months…

Ransomware is on the up

It’s like a juggernaut with no brakes. Ransomware seems unstoppable, with cybercriminals constantly seeking to take control of our systems and data. We’ve written several articles on the subject and you can find out more about ransomware in those (click here). But suffice to say, ransomware is getting more sophisticated, and the approaches criminals are making are getting sneakier by the day. We’d advise you to train your staff to be aware of ransomware attempts, keep your software and hardware security up to date, and operate a tight password procedure.

Migrating to The Cloud

Not long ago, putting your complete trust in The Cloud raised eyebrows. However, the likes of Microsoft, Google and so forth, have channelled significant resources into improving security in their cloud solutions. Migrating your IT operations to The Cloud, particularly if you are an SME with limited time and resources to manage this, means you’re sensibly passing the cybersecurity onus onto experts. However cloud-based attacks, like ransomware, are only going to increase in 2017, so your in-house security protocols need to be tight and closely monitored.

The Internet of Things

With apps being downloaded second by second, and devices communicating behind the scenes more and more, the IoT is only going to be an increasing target for cybercriminals. In the year to come, we’d recommend you review your access procedures and consider who can, and who can’t, use certain applications within your organisation.

Biometric Security

You may well already have fingerprint recognition set up on your smartphone. But over the course of the next year, the use of this technology is going to spread beyond just personal devices and cross into business technology too. Don’t ignore these trends; they are likely to be of great use to you.

Smarter automated feedback systems

With ‘big data’ now no longer the amorphous mass of disconnected sound bites it used to be, robotic interrogation is going increase. The leap in automated technology that is self-informing and adjusting via algorithms is going to speed up and increase the amount of security in place to catch breaches. The social media and search engine giants are making some of this technology available to SMEs, we recommend you choose it and use it.

A last thought on cybersecurity …

Cybersecurity is not something any business, let alone an SME, can ignore. Staying one step ahead is the only way to ward off attacks before they get a hold. But you don’t need to panic about having to be the expert to protect your business. Working with a professional IT support company will ensure someone is doing that on your behalf instead. Outsource it, and you’ll have peace of mind without sacrificing your precious time.

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