Home PC Support

We provide computer services, repairs and support direct to your door, specialising in both home and home business user.

We provide computer repairs, upgrades, broadband and network installations, advice, as well as new PC, Laptop and software sales. Out friendly engineers will talk in plain English too, not technical jargon and are always happy to take the time to explain the problem and solution to you..

Why not let us give your computer the full treatment and make it feel and run like new again, with our comprehensive Computer System Health Check, which includes the following in order to improve the performance, stability and security of your PC or laptop:

  • Bring Windows up to date with all security and software updates
  • Provide industry leading fast and free anti-virus software
  • Provide proven fast and free spyware removal software
  • Scan for and remove all viruses and spyware
  • Bring Internet Explorer up to date
  • Optimize system security and system update settings
  • Remove non-essential start-up software (to speed up loading)
  • Remove unused files allowing Windows to run faster
  • De-fragment hard disk if required, reducing disk accessing
  • Remove unnecessary software (expired trials & demos etc)

We visit you and normally do the work on-site and can make appointments for evenings and weekends. However if it is easier we are happy to take the computer away and work on it from our offices.


We also offer a ‘personal shopping’ service were we are always happy to come along to High Street stores and make sure that you are not miss sold products.