Online Data Backup

Online Backup

When was the last time your Data was backed up? 

For most people the answer is when I last thought about it or I don’t remember. For a business a daily back up can be the difference between surviving a system crash and going out of business.

online backup

A daily data backup for a business takes a staff member on average 15 minutes per day. Across a year that’s equates to roughly 10 working days or £474.40 for someone on minimum wage alone! Convert that to billable hours being lost and that equals a lot of lost man hours and money!

The staff costs for this added with the cost of the hardware, software, maintenance and backup media such as tape’s and CD’s or DVD’s will likely to be costing you £1000’s over a year. Too then test the back up is going to stop your business working while the test is carried out. Costing you even more time!

Blue Sky Computer Solutions know the problems encountered with data backup’s and restoring data. From this experience we have formed an partnership with The Risc Group, Providers of the Clunk Click back up system.

The service will ensure that your data is securely and automatically backed up to ISO9002 data centres eliminating the need for you to backup your data yourself onsite.

Clunk Click Online Data Backup and Restore features:

  • safer and less expensive than onsite tape and drive systems
  • no need for hardware or labour resources
  • encrypted data for secure transmission to offsite data storage facilities
  • data restore at the touch of a button
  • easily manage planned or unexpected growth in data storage
  • inexpensive, manageable and predictable data backup costs
  • fully automated and intelligent software that eliminates human error
  • can assist in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Clunk Click Online Data Backup is safer, more efficient and more cost effective than tape or CD creating the ideal solution for laptop users, home-workers and SME’s.

So for as little as £36* a year you can rest knowing that you data is safe and secure.

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